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Simone van Leussen

Coordinator Academy

In addition to open enrollment, the Luminis Academy also offers incompany training courses. A large part of the range of training courses and workshops can also be given on your location.

Incompany training courses are a good fit when a larger group of people need to be trained on the same subject. Incompany training courses offer the following advantages compared to standard training sessions:

  • They'll be given on your location. In many cases this saves travel time, and travel and accommodation costs
  • The training can focus on your practical situation
  • A lower investment per person

Incompany training courses can be completely tailor-made for your organization or your practical situation. As a result, the training provides even more directly applicable value, but we also see that tailor-made training often accelerates in solving issues. By taking time with a group of colleagues to deepen a topic, good discussions often arise and as a result the group will be moving faster. 

Do you want to know more about this? Feel free to contact us for options.

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A selection of the companies that we have trained

Clear and valuable workshop. Good communicative trainer with a lot of knowledge.
Software developer Advitrae
It was a very engaging session that didn't bore me for a moment.
Software Architect Monuta
The trainer can keep difficult subjects simple and captivate his audience with humour. Moreover, he does not make himself more important than the subject
Software developer OHRA
Useful workshop that matches our daily situation.
Software developer Q-Ray
Lot of experience in the field, great knowledge on the subject and good at transferring that knowledge
Software developer KPN
Expert trainer and passion for his profession
Software Architect Wolters Kluwer