Microservices Awareness Workshop

31 May 2016 3 days

31, 1, 2 June 2016
3 days, 9:30-16:30
1.750,- per person (incl. lunch, excl. VAT)


This three day training course consists of a theoretical first day, followed by two practical days in which we will focus on the recent hype of Microservices. This training course separates facts from fiction when it comes to Microservices, and you will learn how and why companies resort to this architectural style, and where it originated. Moreover we will focus on the challenges ahead on the way to a maintainable and scalable Microservices implementation. This course is interactive and there will be ample time for asking questions and discussion among attendees. The first day of the training is mainly theoretical with an occasional demo or discussion. The following two days will focus on the practical side of Microservices, and you will build a Microservices landscape with your fellow attendees where you will apply everything you’ve learned on the first day. Attendees will learn from experience that building Microservices is much more than just application generation using some popular development framework. The trainings will conclude with attendees presenting their work and what they’ve learned to each other.


The following topics will be covered during the theoretical part:

  • Introduction to the Microservices Architectural style
  • Why are companies doing this?
  • Why you should (not) be doing Microservices
  • Characteristics of Microservices
  • About Monoliths
  • Monolith to Microservices approach
  • Outer vs Inner Architecture
  • Data Strategy
  • Service Communication
  • Conway’s Law
  • Re-use Traps
  • Anatomy of a Microservice
  • Building & Deploying Microservices
  • Microservices Infrastructure
  • Design for Failure: Resilience & Anti-Fragility
  • Security
  • Testing Strategies

Target group

Experienced developers, architects, and technical managers who want an unbiased and objective view on the Microservices architectural style.


The theoretical part of this training requires no specific prerequisite knowledge. However, the practical part of this training requires development experience. In case you are not a software developer but still want to attend this course, we suggest you join a developer from your company and pair the practical part. The practical part requires you to bring a laptop. In case you don’t have a laptop available we can supply one for you for the duration of the course. Please indicate this at the time of registration.

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Bert Ertman

Bert Ertman

Fellow, and Director of Technology Outreach at Luminis

Fellow, and Director of Technology Outreach at Luminis. Besides assignments at customers, he is responsible for ...

Skills: Software Architecture, Modular Software Development, Java EE, ...


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