This training consists of a day full of theory and hands-on assignments surrounding Docker technology. The training will address the choice of container technology, the design and construction of containers in Docker, and the implementation and maintenance thereof. Participants will receive demonstrations and test assignments in building, publishing and maintaining Docker containers. The assignments will provide the opportunity to apply knowledge directly and discuss solutions. There will, of course, also be plenty of room for questions.

DevOps teams (primarily software engineers and managers) and others interested in working with Docker technology.

Conditions for participation
There are no specific knowledge requirements for participation in this training. A foundational understanding of Unix is advised for the hands-on segment. The exercises require the use of a laptop with a recent version on Windows or Mac OS X. In the case that you do not have access to a (suitable) laptop, please mention this upon your registration and we can arrange one for you.



The following subjects will be addressed during this training: 

  • Introduction to Container Technology


  • Introduction to Docker

  • Using existing containers

  • Creating your first container

  • Building and publishing images

  • Using data storage

  • Networking

  • Security

  • Your own registry

  • Maintenance

  • Orchestration




Jeroen is a pragmatic software engineer and hands-on software architect with a strong focus on scalable (web) applications. In addition to software development, Jeroen has a huge interest in (Cloud) architectures, automation and the operational side of IT. As a professional Jeroen believes that as an organization and individual you have to continue to learn, reflect and continue to improve your process and way of working.

Jeroen Reijn

Software architect

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