In this two day course you will learn to work with Kubernetes. The focus of this course is using Kubernetes, not the operational side of hosting Kubernetes itself. You will get familiar with the architecture of Kubernetes and the many different types of built in components to facilitate deployments. You will also learn about the REST API and tools to work with Kubernetes.

Software developers and DevOps.

Conditions for participation
Participants must have knowledge of Docker.


  • Kubernetes concepts and architecture
  • Deployment components
  • Pods
  • Replication controllers
  • Services
  • Deployments
  • Namespaces
  • Minikube


  • Getting started with kubectl
  • Create deployment
  • Create individual resources
  • Get pods|svc|rc|deployment
  • Logs
  • Attach
  • Scaling
  • Kubectl config
  • Rolling updates
  • Volumes
  • Probes
  • PullPolicy
  • Secrets
  • Kubernetes DNS
  • Multi container pods
  • Environment vars
  • Resource constraints
  • Node selectors
  • ConfigMap
  • AutoScaling
  • ReplicaSet
  • DaemonSet
  • PetSet
  • Batch jobs
  • Load balancing basics
  • Getting started with the API

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1 day, 09:00-17:00