This training explains the most important aspects of Azure Functions, such as function triggers and bindings, authentication, and logging. In addition, you learn to understand why cloud has the future. ┬áThere are extensive considerations about some best practices and in one day you learn how to get started with Azure Functions in one day to work more efficiently, more effectively and cost-effectively. In addition to the theoretical part, you will also work with realistic user cases with which you will create features. Learn how to develop and test your features locally, and then you’ll learn how to roll out your Function App to the cloud with the principles of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure As Code (IaC).

Java, C# en JavaScript developers.

Conditions for participation
For this training you need to have a laptop. If you don’t have these, please contact us for the possibilities.┬áBasic programming knowledge is a requirement.


Topics covered in this training:

  • Serverless Computing
  • Setting up an Azure environment
  • Infrastructure as Code, (IaC)
  • Using Azure CLI
  • Deploying a nanoservice on Azure
  • Use-Cases Azure Functions

Full Stack Engineer

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595,- per person
1 day, 09:00-17:00