This training will teach delegates to recognise problems around product quality in time, to prepare a solution and motivate the team to help implement it. Solutions can be found no matter what a person’s area of expertise is, even if it’s not clear who or which expertise should be responsible for a certain problem.

Productteams and productmanagers

Conditions for participating
To participate in this training, delegates should either work as a part of or lead a multidisciplinary product team.


  • Introduction to Programme Thinking
  • Definition of ‘product quality’
  • Expertise and responsibilities within the product team
  • Common traps for product teams
  • Symptoms that indicate a problem
  • Talking about problems within a product team
  • Motivating a team to take positive action
  • The practical execution of Product Thinking
  • Drawing up a plan
  • The process
  • Practical tips

For a lot of customers, developing digital products is not a daily cost. People often know what they want to achieve, but making the concept concrete is long lasting. Ivo helps by doing research and testing.

Ivo Domburg

Interaction Designer

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595,- per person
1 day, 09:00-17:00