We are already used to it: working server-side with C#, Razor and ASP.Net, client-side with Typescript, Javascript and a Single-Page Application framework like Angular or React. You just need to know it all. Not to mention the double (business) logic over these layers. Is there no other way?

Definitely! Microsoft has developed the “Blazor” framework for this. Blazor is a Single Page Application framework that allows you to work with C# and existing Visual Studio tooling. We look at the implementations based on “WebAssembly” and SignalR, which ensures cross-browser compatibility and with the power of the .Net framework!


In this session you’ll get an introduction of Blazor. We will look at the architecture of the framework, but of course we are also going to build a demo application. With the demo application we look at the advantages of using the same code in both front and backend.

The ultimate goal of this webinar is to get an impression of Blazor and whether it is an option for a new project to start or even as a migration option for existing applications!

Target audience:
Both beginner and experienced developers, who work in Microsoft-oriented environments.



Luc is a software engineer at Luminis Apeldoorn. He has been working in Microsoft environments for over 10 years, both internally and as a consultant. He loves to share his knowledge and experiences.

Luc Hondshorst

Software engineer

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