There are several methods that will facilitate this process. In this webinar, we’ll focus on Lean UX. Question is, if we can reproduce this magic in virtual, online design sessions. Based on our experience in the past few months, we can! In this Learning Friday, we’ll talk you through and share the ways we tested to lead online design sessions. How do you choose a method? How do you make sure everyone on the team stays involved? Which¬†digital tools can we use? Of course, we’re happy to hear your thoughts on this.


For our relations, GP and Niels will show how to:
  • Compare methods like Lean UX and Design sprints
  • Let your team do their homework by sharing consumer and market research
  • Formulate the goal and challenge the session will address
  • Let the team come up with sulutions and designs
  • Prioritize assumptions and vote for solutions
  • Use prototyping and collaboration tools online
Target Group

Designers, product owners, analysts.
The session will take 45 minutes and we’ll talk English if there are participants who don’t master the Dutch language


Conditions for participation

GP's specialty is to organize designers and developers during the design process. Now that the technical possibilities are increasing to create rich and interactive apps, it is important to make designers and developers work together better. GP brings years of experience increating interactive products with web technology. From the early days GP has worked with javascript frameworks, from jQuery and Ember to the favorites of today, React and Angular.

GP Gooiker


Practical info

  • Online

The Learning Friday

The Learning Friday is a theme where we regularly share our knowledge and experiences through online knowledge sessions and webinars. As the name suggests, we always plan these sessions on a Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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