When you work in a team that builds a digital product or service, this course is for you. In one day, you’ll grasp the methods your team can use at the various stages of development. In a stage where barely anything is known, you should use different methods than in a stage where the product needs its last polish. You’ll lean the various ways to determine what to build together with the team, how to design a concept with a group of people and how to make mock-ups or prototypes. You’ll learn some best practices that improve the value of digital products. Finally, you’ll learn more about usability testing and other ways to validate a product idea or prototype.
Design is a craft that combines more disciplines than you can master in your lifetime. An important goal is for you to be sensitized to the value of design, so you can either start developing your own design skills or find the right talent for your team.

People making the switch to design. This course is intended for people who work with designers or want to take on some design work on their own, like product owners, developers or content writers.

Conditions for participation


  • A model to organize the different kinds of design
  • Design Research primer
  • Lean UX: a method to formulate assumptions, set a goal and choose a problem to solve
  • Analysis and user stories
  • Hands-on session Design Studio: a way to design in a group
  • Hands-on practice with a design tool

GP's specialty is to organize designers and developers during the design process. Now that the technical possibilities are increasing to create rich and interactive apps, it is important to make designers and developers work together better. GP brings years of experience increating interactive products with web technology. From the early days GP has worked with javascript frameworks, from jQuery and Ember to the favorites of today, React and Angular.

GP Gooiker

Digital Product Designer

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