Brain Upgrade: Data Insight

15 oktober 2015 1 dag

15 oktober 2015
1 dag, 17:30 - 21:30
Amsterdam, Lloyd hotel (Oostelijke Handelskade 34)
Free of charge


The digital era of continuous change, innovation and data overflow, impacts the essence of our decision making process. What is the meaning of search related to decision making? How does explorative data analysis and data visualization effectuate our insight learning curve? Why should knowledge workers take the question as starting point?

Periodically a Luminis Brain Upgrade session is organized to share and explore ideas to learn. Please join us on October 15th for the Brain Upgrade | Data Insight in the Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam. Participation is free of charge. 

Jettro Coenradie, Fellow & Chief architect two
Jettro has been delivering applications for over 15 years. In these years Jettro has learned the importance of a close connection between development and operations. Therefore he is a strong believer in the devops movement. One type of handover from development to operations is documentation, but the best one is good logs. Jettro knows about backend like Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Spring data and Spring integration as well as front-end like AngularJS, Sass and Less. Last but not least Jettro also has experience with Mobile development (iOS, Ionic framework).


Richard Berendsen, Search & Data engineer OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARichard started out as an internet programmer before obtaining his bachelor and master degree in Artificial Intelligence at University of Groningen. Currently, he is finishing a PhD in Information Retrieval at the University of Amsterdam, with Maarten de Rijke, who leads the largest academic information retrieval research group in the world. He is excited to join Luminis Amsterdam this September. His interests include data analysis (e.g., query logs), machine learning (e.g., learning to rank search results), search engine evaluation, and software engineering. Every now and then, he enjoys a good game of chess.


17:30h Welcome, drinks & bites
18:20h Introduction
18:30h Handling, extending and presenting data with ELK 
19:30h Short break
19:45h Evaluating Search Engines
20:45h Ending with drinks

Presentation 1: Handling, extending and presenting data with ELK by Jettro Coenradie
More and more people are using the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) stack to analyse their data. Often they use the default logstash configuration for acces logs, default elasticsearch and standard Kibana dashboards. I would almost say, to bad, since there is so much more possible with these tools. For numerous projects in aviation, car industry, healthcare and marketing we have helped our clients to get more insight in their customers, cars, and diseases. We used the ELK stack extended with some custom software. In this presentation you will get an overview of the ELK stack.,After the basics you will learn about other ways of handling data. You will see how you can extend data using different data sources and you will see what other presentation techniques can do with you data. During the presentation I'll use demo's of the ELK stack. I will give some ideas for data enriching using java and node.js and using scripts in elasticsearch on the server. I'll show you some more advanced Kibana options but I will also look at other options for graphs and graphics using D3 and D3 based libraries. After the presentation you will have enough ideas to do more than the basics with your data and ELK.

Presentation: Handling, extending and presenting data with ELK by Jettro Coenradie

Presentation 2: Evaluating Search Engines by Richard Berendsen
In this talk I’ll give an overview of approaches to evaluating search engines, e.g., web search engines, or enterprise search engines. The main focus will be on evaluating the ranking of search results. We discuss offline evaluation where a fixed set of test queries is used and search results are manually annotated; and online evaluation, in which implicit user feedback, e.g., clicks, are used. Requirements, strengths and weaknesses of methods are explained.

Presentation: Evaluating Search Engines by Richard Berendsen

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Data- and software engineers, final year students and PhD students.

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