Brain Upgrade about Quantum Computing!


On May 2nd we are hosting a Brain Upgrade session in Eindhoven. Angelo van der Sijpt, fellow of Luminis in Eindhoven, will give you all the ins and outs about Quantum Computing.

Cherry-red sports cars go up into space, the most traded currency has no physical equivalent, and quantum computing is just around the corner: the future is now. While we can’t help you launch your vehicle into a trans-Mars injection orbit, we can help you understand what you need to know about quantum computing.

Companies like JP Morgan and Daimler are already investing in quantum computing, Microsoft has released Q# as an experimental language for programming quantum computers, and IBM is actually allowing us developers to play around with real quantum computers.

This is your chance to be ahead of the curve, and have a mental survival guide for the upcoming quantum nonsense storm!

In this session, we will spend only a little time on the theory, and spend most of it on actual working code that shows you what things QC is good at, and how it is different from so-called “classical” computing. We will use Microsoft’s Q#, which comes with a powerful simulator, so you can run all examples on your own computer, and explore this new space.

While we can’t promise to make you into a full-fledged quantum programmer, you will end up with a better grasp of what is, and what isn’t actually quantum. At the very least, you’ll get to brag that you were at the head of the quantum wave (!)